Accueil / Downloads

There are 4 applications to choose from below.  Please read about each of them carefully to determine the right one for you. You can download any of them that you like, but keep in mind each one is going to take up valuable storage on your device.  

Stream Telecast app (Updated 03/29/23 V 4.0) Good for people with beginner to moderate technical backgrounds.

Stream Telecast EZ Player (Released 12/19/22 V 6.0) Good for people brand new to streaming or with beginner level technical backgrounds. Most feel this is the easiest application to use.

iMPlayer (Updated 04/21/23 V 3.4) For Moderate to advance users. This is a terrific application and can do so much. The interface can take a little bit to get used to,  but once you do you'll love it. 

Note: If your device is older you may have trouble installing our applications. Remember we recommened not using a device older than 4 years. The newer the device the better the performance will be!